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A typical colombian food.


This is a typical colombian food, if you are going to prepare it you need (acording with the number of the picture):
1. Hard pork sausade
2. Ripe plantain
3. Fried egg
4. “Corn Cake”
5. Salad
6. Avocado
7. Grated beef
8. Beens
9. Bacon
10. Rice
The drink could be lemonade or “mazamorra”, this is a combination between milk and corn, with “bocadillo” or “panela”

Questions about the topic.
1. What do you think about “Bandeja Paisa”?
2. Which are the typical food of your city or country?
3. Would you like to learn to prepare “Bandeja Paisa”?
4. Is easy to get these ingridents in your country?

We hope your answers… enjoy ūüôā


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Halloween 2011 Photos

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Viietnam Colombiia Proyect

Welcome Guys.

This is the blog that will serve as a bridge between students from Colombia and Vietnam, here we will show our culture to make it know in a fresh way, wehope you feel comfortable.


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